About Me

I don’t consider myself very creative but rather  as someone that has a certain and perhaps unique way of seeing things. In the words of Garry Winogrand, ‘I photograph things to see what they look like photographed’.

My approach to my personal work is mainly direct, with a documentary style using only available or natural light. I want the subject to be aware of the camera and often use the biggest camera available and a tripod. With film I worked mostly in a black and white documentary style but with the advent of digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop I started to experiment more with colour.

In 1997 I attended a workshop hosted by Read more

New Work

Riva Degli Scavioni, Venice Italy. Montage Effect

Digital photography and image manipulation have opened up new possibilities of 'creating' rather than just 'seeing'. These new images of mine are created by using elements from different photographs and combining them into a new image. I strive to create photographs that have 'snapshot' qualities of off centered framing and juxtaposed elements. I also like to replace some areas of texture with solid colours to give a more painterly effect. I call this process 'Montage'.